Not just One more online party invitation service
Not just One more fund-raising platform
Not just One more social enterprise

True present is a unique way of celebrating your kids’ birthday and at the same time giving back to the society. We help you send invitations, collect funds and help you strike the balance between what you want for your child and what you want to donate to a cause of your choice.

This ensures…..
One more kid learning about sharing and being socially responsible
One more cause that can be funded
One more step towards greener lives by reducing the use of packaging and wrapping.
And a lot more SMILES.

Neha’s story

Neha is the mother of a mischievous yet sweet kid, Asmita. She believes empathy is the single greatest gift of our species. Since Asmita's arrival in the world, Neha has been keen on teaching her the values of compassion, sharing and sustainable living. Asmita has celebrated all her birthdays in unconventional ways- always spreading the joys to the less equal, while reducing her carbon footprints on Mother Nature.

Through True Present, Neha wants to touch the lives of children like her daughter and help them imbibe the wonder of giving back.